Otar Dughashvili

Otar Dughashvili is a highly experienced and goal-oriented professional with over eighteen years of expertise in International Law, Information Security, and International Relations. He has proven himself in various areas, specializing in drafting and negotiating international treaties, bilateral and multilateral agreements, as well as policies and regulations. Otar provides valuable advice to clients on corporate law, business transactions, and information security.

Otar began his career in 2006 after completing his Master's Degree in Jurisprudence from Tbilisi State University. He joined the Division of International Law and Procurement Contracts Expertise of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, where he played a crucial role in drafting international treaties and procurement contracts. His responsibilities also included conducting negotiations with partner countries, ensuring legal compliance during bilateral and multilateral events, and liaising with international organizations. Otar's exceptional skills led to his promotion as the deputy head of the Division of International Law in 2013.

From 2014 to 2022, Otar served as the head of the Information Security Policy Division of the Administration of the Ministry. In this role, he took on the responsibility of drafting and overseeing the implementation of information security policy documents. Otar's expertise and attention to detail contributed significantly to maintaining robust information security measures within the organization.

Throughout his career, Otar has demonstrated a strong commitment to professional growth and has honed his skills in international law, information security, and policy development. With his comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience, he is well-equipped to provide exceptional legal counsel and guidance to clients in navigating complex corporate law matters, business transactions, and information security challenges.